Italy 2011, Farm Stay

Our flight from Beirut to Rome was uneventful and none of our luggage was lost. We headed to the metro again which took us to a bus station and finally we got on a bus to the town of Sora. Once arrived, we found a phone booth and called our host, Anna, as per the instructions on the booking website for the farm stay. The actual location we were sleeping in wasn’t on the farm itself but in a quiet little village in the hills. It was very rustic compared to what we generally stay in but it was clean, and most importantly, quiet. This was a good thing because the point of this stop for us was to have a couple of days to rest and relax before finishing off our trip in Rome.


Entrance to our room


Yup, that was the key!


The view from our room

We spent the rest of the first day taking a nap, relaxing, reading, playing cards, finishing it off with a lovely dinner at the farm itself. The next day was much of the same. We took our time getting up, had our breakfast, played cards, and relaxed. One of the main things Jackie wanted to do at this stop was go horseback riding and so we arranged for it in the early afternoon and enjoyed a few hours on horseback through the calm countryside. Once again we finished the day with dinner at the farm and then off we went to bed and headed for Rome tomorrow!


View of the surroundings


Jackie ready to go


Lil buddy that ran beside us the whole time, even when we waded the stream


View of the surrounds on our horse ride


Another view of the surroundings


Taking a break


Post ride, saying bye to our horses


Jacq and her horse


We butted heads through the ride, but got through it!

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