Stanley Park Walk

One of my favorite parts of Vancouver has to be Stanley Park. Walking near or through the park always reminds me of my first 2 weeks in Canada.

Near the end of high school I got into a multitude of universities and ended up decided to go to the University of British Columbia (UBC), which is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada (just in case my international readers don’t know where that is). So, after graduating high school, we packed up my clothes and other personal items and headed to Vancouver with my parents and brother. None of us had ever been to Canada and I was very excited, and a little scared, to be heading out on my next adventure in life… university! We stayed at the Lord Stanley Suites on the Park which is on Alberni St for you Vancouverites, just a half block West on Denman St. Since we were there to get me ready for university, we went out shopping for clothes, bedspreads, computer, and various other things I would need for my time in university. My dad had rented a car and my job as navigator was to get us from point A to point B without causing my dad any stress and also not getting us lost. So I guess the funniest part of those 2 weeks were the 3 separate occasions that we were heading back to the Lord Stanley Suites, during rush hour on a weekday, and heading back on Georgia St… at the time it made sense to me since it looked like a major street that got us where we needed to be. Those of you who drive in Vancouver know that there are signs for no left turns during rush hour off of Georgia St and so we got stuck on the street which of course took us across Lions Gate bridge and to the North Shore. This not only happened once, not twice, but three times!!

Not to pre-amble too much, but I remember that adventure every time I’m at Stanley Park. This particular day was in mid-January in 2011, a few months after Jackie, Zeus, and I had moved back to Vancouver from Toronto. It was a beautiful Sunday and so we decided to go for a walk around Stanley Park with the pooch. Of course we had to stop at one of our favorite coffeeshops, Caffè Artigiano, to get some coffee before we headed down to the park for our walk.


A happy wifey with her Caffè Artigiano latte about to go for a walk with her two favorite boys

Zeus, as always, was excited that Jackie and I were both taking him for a walk and so we set out at an easy pace, enjoying the vistas to be seen from the seawall walk. We took our time walking around, breathing in the fresh air, and contemplating how lucky we were to be living in such a beautiful part of the country and world.


Container yard


Such an obedient boy!


Posing with the view


Seaplane heading west over the inlet


Lions Gate Bridge with the West Vancouver and Cypress Mountain in the background


Million dollar smile!



Log, beach, bridge


Colours of sunset

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