Growing By 2 Feet!

So as of a couple days ago we put our news of the family growing by 2 feet out there for the whole “social media” world to see when Jacq and I posted the photo below on each of our profiles.


Winner! This is the one that we shared with the world

When we we were going through the various poses and positions we were thinking of, we were able to get a few runner up and blooper photos that I’ve shared below:


Runner Up #1: This was the original concept but we felt Zeus got lost in the photo by just showing his feet.


Runner Up #2: Zeus had enough and went to sit by himself and so I tried a photo like this but we thought there was too big a gap between him and us, and although the irony of the space did not escape us with the new one on the way, this was not the winner.


Runner Up #3: This was a top contender too but we decided we wanted to have Zeus in the middle because he’s very much a part of the family.


Blooper! Zeus was sitting and waiting so patiently and we took a few photos where he wasn’t looking at the camera. So I took a piece of gravel and as the countdown timer was about to expire, tossed the gravel towards the camera to get his attention there. For this photo, he decided to give chase!


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