Dear Baby Simonian

Dear Baby S,

Words can’t express how excited your mom and I are to meet you in a few short weeks. As you’ve been growing in your mom’s belly we’ve been keeping up with your activity along the way. We’ve seen some blurry black & white “pictures” of you on 3 separate occasions, one of which you tried to give me an upside down high five, and another one you were hiding behind your mom’s spine and making it very difficult to photograph you. I’ve used your mom’s stethoscope from work to pick out your heartbeat, beating away at a healthy 140 bpm. I’ve lain down and put my ear to her belly and you’ve proceeded to kick me in the head which I guess serves me right because I was poking you to get you to move.

I was in cold, cold Russia when your mom told me she was pregnant and I remember my heart racing at the news and my eyes tearing up with excitement and joy. The first trimester was pretty tense for us but once that was past, it seemed that the second trimester whizzed by. We took you on a little road trip to the northwestern United States and I’m sure you enjoyed all the great food we ate along the way, making sure you got enough to keep you growing strong. And here we are now, approaching the end of the third trimester and you’ll be among us soon. We’ve been busy getting ready for your arrival and fixing up your nursery. I’ve got your bed and dresser built, your mom’s got your tiny clothes all organized and ready for you, and we’ve got the car seat bought and ready to go. We went to a pre-natal class, took a tour of the hospital, and we have a few names picked out whether you’re a boy or a girl.

So as the day gets closer when you decide you’ve had enough of being cooped up and you want out, keep growing strong, saving your energy for your push into this world. As I will be for years to come, I’ll be there to catch you when you come into this world and help guide you to becoming a good person like our parents were there to guide us. I may not have all the answers all the time, and we definitely will butt heads along the way. But all you need to know, is that no matter what happens, whatever life throws your way, I promise you I will be here to hug you, kiss you, talk to you, or just sit here and listen to you breathe while you sleep.

I’m so excited to welcome you into this world and help you get started on this first of many adventures that we call… Life.



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  1. Awww, lovely! Even though the ‘listening to you breathe while you sleep’ immediately popped the thought of serial killers into my head,tho that could largely be due to binge watching 9 full seasons of criminal minds over the last few weeks…..

    Can’t wait to see piccies of the mini-Berge!

  2. I am sure you will be a great dad this is one of the best life’s experiences and Jacky will be great mom god bless you all and we are excited to take your news lots of hugs

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